The first booking

Once we’d made the decision to become Airbnb Gypsies, the next step was to put this crazy plan into action. Where would we live first?

I started researching Airbnbs around Melbourne to see the different kinds of homes people list. An industrial loft with a spiral staircase in Richmond? How about a backyard bungalow with a hot tub in Elwood? We’re pretty open to anything as long as it’s pet-friendly, has good WiFi and is close to restaurants and bars (because god forbid we have to cook our own food to survive). That’s the best part about knowing you’ll only be staying somewhere for a few weeks or so – you can be pretty adventurous. If it turns out there’s nowhere nearby to buy an emergency bottle of wine at 10pm you can always stock up as though you’re preparing for an apocalypse and rest easy knowing it won’t be too long before you move back to civilisation.

My search was returning heaps of great places and my Airbnb Wish List was looking nice and healthy. It wasn’t until I added dates to my search that I realised there might not be quite as many options as I’d originally thought. We want to stay in each place for at least a month to minimise the number of times Jay has to pack and unpack his 20-odd pairs of shoes, but when I searched for August, a lot of the places had a couple of days booked here and there during the month. Ugh. Tourists 😡. Finding a place available for a full month or more was going to be a bit tricky, which squashed my fantasy of being crazy spontaneous with this whole thing. Lesson #1 – we’d have to be a little bit organised and plan at least a couple of months ahead. 🤔

So that was the motivation I needed to make our first booking and lock in Airbnb Life. I’d found a gorgeous apartment in St Kilda with a huge rooftop courtyard and at $80 a night, it was well within our price range. The place was perfect so we booked it for a month from September 1st.

This means it’s official – Airbnb Life has start date! 🤘

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