We got wood!

Naturally when we came across a wooden bungalow, equipped with a hitching rail to tie your horse, we had to stay there! Ok, so maybe I was the only one obsessed with staying there, but through my awesome powers of inception (basically suggesting how great it would be to have a place to hang my horse), Rina became just as excited as I was. We changed a few plans and it’s official, our first Airbnb rodeo will be a wooden bungalow behind some guy’s house. It features a spa bath, an open fireplace and a horse. Ok I lied, there isn’t a horse but I’m working on it.

As we booked Melbourne’s first dude ranch, it dawned on me, we can stay in all sorts of crazy, absurd and somewhat ridiculous places whenever we wanted. My childish nature has been unleashed! A modernised 13th Century ruin, a real life treehouse, a luxury yacht, a retro caravan or even a random bungalow.

The best part is, if we hate a place it doesn’t matter. It’s always temporary and sometimes the best stories come from the worst situations. So on that note…

Hi ho bungalow away!

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