5 things we learnt in the first 5 days of Airbnb life

1. We have a lot of stuff, and moving it in and out of the bungalow was a bitch.

I’ve seen Jay turn into the Incredible Hulk on numerous occasions, loading up his body with 15 shopping bags and two cartons of beer like some kind of supernatural packhorse, just to avoid having to do more than one trip from the house to the car πŸ’ͺ. And despite this superpower, we still had to do about 4 or 5 trips shuttling everything back and forth. (Side note – We were only at this place for 5 days, so I think it seemed a lot worse because we had to do it twice in less than a week. We’re crossing our fingers 🀞 that it won’t be so bad once we’re in a place for a month or more. We’ve also vowed to try to shed a few more belongings with each move.)

2. Hosts leave you little gifts, and it’s awesome.

When we arrived at the bungalow there was a cheese, fruit and chocolate platter, and a lovely bottle of Pepperjack Shiraz 🍷 waiting for us. I’ve rented my fair share of properties and not once has a real estate agent left me anything more than a set of keys with one of those ugly plastic key tags with the piece of cardboard inside that no one ever bothers to write on.

3. In the first few days, you will probably forget where you live and miss your stop on the train.

This can happen any time you move house, but it’s something we’ll have to suffer through more often now. When you’re heading back home from the office after a particularly manic day at work and the only thing on your mind is the bottle of Malbec you know is eagerly awaiting your return, it’s easy to slip into autopilot mode and take the train to your usual stop. Face palm πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

4. Discovering new neighbourhoods is fun.

I’ve been in Melbourne for over 5 years and have never been to Elwood. I was surprised when we drove south of St Kilda and realised there were still houses and shops and things – who would have thought this whole time there was this whole other suburb right next to the suburb I lived in πŸ€”! Each morning we got to explore new trails to walk with Lola and try out all of the local coffee spots β˜•οΈ. Everything is all shiny and new!

5. Lola settled in much quicker than we excepted.

Dogs usually hate a change of routine, so we thought Lola would be giving us the sad puppy dog eyes πŸ‘€ for quite a while before she started to feel at home. But after a thorough sniff of the perimeter and a Mexican standoff with the resident cat 😼, she was totally fine. I think the excitement of being in a new place and having new things to pee on was enough to counter the stress of moving. Welcome to gyspy life, Lola bear 🐢!

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